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Er is een grote verscheidenheid aan informatie over vooral valondergronden te vinden.
 Hieronder vindt u een drietal artikelen in het Nederlands en verder een aantal links naar met name Amerikaanse organisaties welke zich in de speel branche begeven.


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ASTM International
CSA Standards (The Canadian Standards Association)
CPSA (Consumer Product Safety Commission)
IPEMA (International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association)
National Center on Accessibility


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School Grants
Funding Factory


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Organizations Boundless Playgrounds
Kids Around the World
International Playground Contractors Association
US Play Coalition
American Association for Physical Activity and Recreation
Play Everyday


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Park & Rec Business
Playground Magazine
Recreation Management
Landscape Architecture
Parks & Recreation Magazine
Landscape Architect and Speficiers News

Informatieve artikelen

Making An Educated Decision on Playground Surfacing

Photo of article one

The following information has been provided to give a basic overview of the main types of playground surfacing available,  along with the particular advantages and limitations that are unique  to each type of system.  Whether you are an architect, day care owner,  PTA member or playground equipment provider, this article contains the information necessary to provide you with the right tools to make an educated playground surfacing decision.

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Maintaining the Integrity of Your Playground Surface

Photo of article two

Given the cost of synthetic surfacing, combined with tight budgets, many buyers are asking themselves one key question. How can we get the maximum performance from our playground surface for the longest period of time?

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Five Things You Should Know About Fall Protection Standards

Photo of article three

Playground safety surfacing is governed by a standard called ASTM F1292. The technical name for the document is the Standard specification for impact attenuation of surfacing materials within the use zone of play- ground equipment.

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Ensuring Playground Safety

Photo of article four

With more than 200,000 kids injured on America's playgrounds every year, closeattention to playground safety is a must for any recreation facility manager or park director. Carefully selecting age-appropriate playground elements and ensuring proper supervision and maintenance are crucial steps toward protecting children from harm. And with 80 percent of injuries caused by falls to the surface, the closest scrutiny should be given to playground safety surfaces.

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What a SofTILE System Can Offer You

Photo of article five

Introducing the SofTILE® DuraSAFETM Series. The only surfacing system engineered to provide fall protection from the tops of safety barriers at no additional cost.

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